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Band Roster



Wayne Morris
Pipe Major

Wayne is the founder of Eugene Fire Pipes and Drums.  Wayne has been playing the bagpipes since he was 16 years old and has carried his pipes throughout his time in the U.S. Army as he served in Bosnia. He still has the mud on his case today.  Wayne is currently assigned to Station 1, downtown Eugene 

Steve Waleri
Drum Seargent

Steve is one of the original drummers with Eugene Fire Pipes and Drums.  Steve states participating in the band has reinvigorated his work attitude since he is so close to retirement.  Steve is currently assigned as Engine 13 Engineer on the University of Oregon campus.




Bruce Cummings
Piper/Treasurer/Band Manager

Bruce is a founding member of the band.  He's the only lucky member so far to make it to retirement.  Bruce spends more time now honing his musical skills.  Bruce retired a few years ago as a District Chief.

Tim Zerr

Tim has been with the band since its inception.  He currently holds the title of President of the Non-Profit.  Tim is currently assigned as Engine 10 Engineer in the city's west side.

John Walls
Bass Drummer

John is the original bass drummer to Eugene Firefighters Pipes and Drums.  When John is not searching for his bass drum, he plays bass and vocals in a local Americana band.  John is currently assigned as Engine 7 Firefighter on the city's west side.

Mike Barnebey

Mike has been one of the most gifted pipers in the band and has been with the band from the beginning.  Mike is currently assigned as Engine 11 Captain on the city's north side. 



Erik Peale
Piper/Board Member

Erik is an orginal piper in the band.  He currently holds a position on the board for the Non-Profit.  Erik is currently assigned to Truck 1, downtown Eugene.



Char Barnard

Char is one of our original snare drummers and currently holds the position of Secretery for the Non-Profit.  Char is currently assigned to the department's Fire Marshal's Office.


Joel Lira
Piper/Pipe Seargent

Joel is one of the band's most gifted pipers.  He has held many positions in the band including Secretery, Band Manager and Quartermaster.  Joel is currently assigned downtown Eugene as Truck 1 Engineer.


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